Avi Drucker

Icon & Menu Design Life Cycle

Concept to Production

For this work assignment, I facilitated the creation of an extended icon set and radial menu for the icons to be used in. See here the final result.

Design Life-Cycle

I started the design process with research into various icon styles and style choice decision points guided by the open ended question, “What makes for effective app and website icons?” Next, I discussed with the stakeholder both the research and the specific icons we would need, and we agreed upon a specific visual theme. After a number of rough sketches and lo-fidelity iterations, we settled on the final icon set.

Brainstorming Iterations

The radial menu also went through a number of iterations, to handle different display ratios, responsiveness, and icon readability constraints.

Comparison to Original

See if you can guess which icons belong to the original set and which belong to the extended set. I provided technical art support and art direction to our team’s designer, and built approx. half of the final icon redesigns from scratch.


Icon & Menu Design


Design Research

Art Direction

Technical Art




Process Solutions Assurance

Using the visual library of a pre-existing design was a fun challenge, and I hope to have the opportunity to do similar work in the future. I also enjoyed the dual technical and artistic nature of this assignment, as well as working to align well with the client’s needs while delivering a tight turnaround.

Estimated total project time was roughly 1 week.