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A revolutionary app to enhance productivity and Get Things Done.

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AutoFocus App


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AutoFocus was created to meet the need of busy creatives. There are always 100 things to do at any given time. This leads sooner or later to decision fatigue. This app was created to prevent the management of one's time & energy from becoming a full time job.

The creation process of AutoFocus itself was a meta experiment in productivity and remote collaboration. In many ways, this experiment was a fantastic success; strongly indicating two things: One; Micro-tasking is a huge part of creating positive work "traction." Two; The clearer a project's informational architecture is, the more frictionless the collaboration.


I used Figma to serve as the project's visual single source of truth, to collaborate with graphic designers, as well as serve as a living design document.

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I used GitHub to conduct efficient and effective product and project management, as well as for code source control.

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